The Artist
Trapp the sculptor has worked in stone and steel for years, creating lavish--even colossal--outdoor pieces for corporate clients and smaller more particular pieces for his private clientele. His hands, his shoulders, are sore, sensitive, the scars of sculpting, but he can no more give it up than he can give up breathing. He avows that now he sculpts only by commission, but if a fine piece of stone presents itself or a flash of metal catches his eye or a woman turns her head just so, or if the moon is right, well... the dance begins. Trapp the painter, emerged full-blown from the stone carver, took what he could not say in bronze and marble and let go with it in oil and ink on canvas and paper. His oils deliver to the eye a feast of color and stroke saturated with childlike curiosity and adult confidence. Not for the meek, his work aims at the alive and well, begging appetite, thirst, and desire. His fabled nudes in ink and wash on handmade paper are simple lines curving and soaring to become women of sophistication and style, women with secrets, women known or would like to know.

Wayne Trapp

With unbridled energy and an insatiable passion for everything that crosses his path, Trapp forever seeks interchange, new ground, and a good time.